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Email Marketing
Your Biggest Asset?

Social Media is great but you don't own it. Creating and maintaining your own email list will allow you to connect and sell to your customers even if your social media accounts are closed.

Dynamic Behavioural Response Marketing allows you to tailor messages to your customers based on their actions...It's the next stage in email evolution and we are experts at it!

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Website design & updates

Although we have a full in house "Website Design Service". We also offer an "update, change and enhance" service.

This is popular service among our clients who are happy with their present site but just need changes from time to time or want extras to the site added.

As specialist with 15 years experience we can also advise on changes to improve your site to make it more responsive to visitors

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Online Selling

With over 15 years of commercial experience online we pride ourselves on being able to help our clients increase their sales through their web activity.

We have extensive knowledge of sales & marketing techniques that could help increase your turnover.

If you feel you could or should be selling more online then please contact today and request your FREE consultation call.
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Server Maintenance & Maintenance plans

In house or online, servers can need a special kind of maintenance that normal "P/C service" companies can not always provide.

At Blubell we have a number of plans from basic maintenance to scheduled backups and updates.

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